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Hippie style

Here’s a picture taken at friends’ house. I used air extensions to be used during a wedding to make it hippie style, and for the first time the picture is taken in a real toilet room!

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At Googleplex Belgium and Google IO

Here is a picture taken in the Googleplex Belgium during a Cafenumerique dedicated to the Webmission, a group of belgian developers and entrepreneurs visiting the US during Google IO.

You can see the Google logo of course, but also a CCTV panel warning that you are currently being watched :-)

Taken by @Seynaeve

During the conference, I reminded TweetWallPro to take a picture during their stay at Google IO, and they did it. Here it is:

TweetWallPro at Google IO

@zorrobiwan at Google IO

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Braine-le-Château: Middle Age traces

Braine-le-Château is a small city at 30 km from Brussels. It has some remains from its medieval past. It is the only city in Belgium which kept its pillory, which was used for punishments by the lord of the time. Its pillory was raised in 1521. You can see it in the background of this picture:

But the pillory is not the only trace of its past. On the picture below you can see an tree planted in 1568 following the execution of the Comte de Hornes, a parent of a person living in Braine-le-Chateau:

Here is a zoom on the explanatory plate:

Finally, there is also the Mill named “Moulin Banal”, the construction of the mill started in the XII century:

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Mobile Camp Brussels group photo

Take by webraider a MobileCampBrussels

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Police at the Wivina Processie

The police was there to ensure everything went well

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Wivina processie, Groot-Bijgaarden

Procession preparation in the background

People are discussing the last details

The procession in the background

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