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Leo Messi and Kobe Bryant


Camera surveillance at military casern

I always have fun at the thought that someone could be looking at the camera images at that time. The military guard in the background is a good bonus for this picture (see detail image).

Detail of plate and military guard. The plate says “This place is protected by a closed circuit TV system”.

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Biot special!

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Not so fast!

Take your time to take the best picture!

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Old city of Menton

The old city and its small streets are great to walk and take pictures.

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Guest post: Infinite loop, 1

Here is Edouard posing at the number of on the Infinite Loop.

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Bastion of Menton

Menton is the French city on the mediteranean sea near the Italian border. You see here the Bastoin in the old port. It is now the home of the Museum Jean Cocteau.

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A yacht in Antibe

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Adoplh Sax in Dinant

As mentioned in the previous post, Dinant is the city of Adolphe Sax, the inventor of the Saxophone. I couldn’t leave Dinant without a picture with Adolphe Sax:

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Flemish flag in Dinant

Being in Dinant, I saw this flemish flag and thought it was pretty cool that in these times of political deadlock a wallon city would expose the flemish flag. A pessimistic mind might say they put flags of foreign countries…. Anyway, I found it cool enough for a picture. And just so that you know it, if I see a walloon flag in a flemish city, I’ll take an equivalent picture! Let me know if you spot one.

In the background you see the Collegiate Church of Notre Dame.

Dinant is also the city of Adolphe Sax, the inventor of the saxophone.

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