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Camera surveillance at military casern

I always have fun at the thought that someone could be looking at the camera images at that time. The military guard in the background is a good bonus for this picture (see detail image).

Detail of plate and military guard. The plate says “This place is protected by a closed circuit TV system”.

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At Googleplex Belgium and Google IO

Here is a picture taken in the Googleplex Belgium during a Cafenumerique dedicated to the Webmission, a group of belgian developers and entrepreneurs visiting the US during Google IO.

You can see the Google logo of course, but also a CCTV panel warning that you are currently being watched :-)

Taken by @Seynaeve

During the conference, I reminded TweetWallPro to take a picture during their stay at Google IO, and they did it. Here it is:

TweetWallPro at Google IO

@zorrobiwan at Google IO

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